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Genealogy Index for surnames beginning with W

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WAKE, David James (-)
WAKE, Victoria Jane (--living--)
WARREN, David James (--living--)
WARREN, Sheila Gladys Cecilia (--living--)
WELLS, Alfred (-)
WELLS, Arthur (--living--)
WELLS, Arthur (27 JUN 1886-MAY 1982)
WELLS, Bob (-)
WELLS, Dorothy Jane (--living--)
WELLS, Fred (-)
WELLS, Jack (-)
WELLS, Lillian May (--living--)
WELLS, Margaret Rose (--living--)
WELLS, Mary (3 MAR 1922-1960)
WELLS, Stanley (--living--)
WELLS, William Arthur (ABT 1859-BEF 1918)
WILLIAMS, Eliza (-)
WRIGHT, Mary Louisa (ABT 1810-13 APR 1899)